Gluten-Free Guru

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Tips & Tricks

Try these Tips & Tricks from the Gluten-Free Guru for better gluten-free baking

Increase the moisture

Cooking with GFG flour may make your food a bit crumbly and dry. To fix this, try mixing equal parts of milk and yoghurt and add to your baking. It will make your final product deliciously moist.

Increase the butter

If you’re following a wheat recipe and replacing wheat flour with GFG flour, then try increasing the butter content. This will add more moisture to your baking.

Increase the protein

If the recipe requires water, replacing some it with an egg will help with the structure of the final product. You can also try adding an egg to the wet ingredients.


Ideally, you should store your GFG flours in the freezer. Remember to remove them a little time before baking to bring them back to room temperature.

Be persistent!

When baking from scratch, you may have some failure. Don’t get discouraged! Keep going, and your GFG baking will get there!

Savoury Recipes

Use the GFG range of flours to make these easy recipes for dishes with a distinctive Kenyan flavour. There are delicious vegetarian and vegan options too.