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Increasingly, people are discovering the health benefits of a gluten-free diet. Replacing processed food with fresh, natural ingredients.

Try our Gluten-Free Guru range today. It’s a great way to make your lifestyle gluten-free.

Going Gluten-free

Gluten is found a wide range of products – many more than you might expect. 

Not only is gluten found in cereal grains such as wheat, barley and rye, it’s also in many commercially-made products – such as breads, cakes, soups, crisps, processed meats, gravy, seasonings, soya sauce, sweets and most ready-made meals… the list is almost endless.

But a life without gluten does not mean a life without tasty nutritious food. For those who love to bake and cook, there are thousands of amazing recipes available online. With a little practice, you can achieve fantastic results.

Good luck with your gluten-free journey!

Our Products

Gluten-Free Guru’s delicious range of flours are free from artificial preservatives, colors and flavors.

Our products are now available from a range of outlets across Nairobi, including: Healthy U, Onn The Way, KPS Karen or Hardy, Zuchini and online from Greenspoon.

If you would like us to deliver to you directly, please contact us.

Plain Baking Flour
Plain Baking Flour

Designed to produce delicious, perfectly-textured results. Made with the highest quality ingredients: rice, millet, tapioca, cornflour, amaranth and potato flour.

Bread & Pizza Flour
Bread & Pizza Flour

A specially crafted blend of rice flour, tapioca, amaranth and millet, expertly blended to deliver the perfect texture and taste.

Chapati Flour
Chapati Flour

A flour designed to make perfectly soft and delicious chapati. Made from high-quality, gluten-free ingredients: rice, millet, amaranth and tapioca.

Pancake Flour
Pancake Flour

A flour specially designed to create light and fluffy pancakes. Blended from the finest gluten-free ingredients: tapioca, rice, millet, amaranth and cornflour.

Self-Raising Flour
Self-Raising Flour

A versatile flour made with rice, millet, cornflour, amaranth, tapioca and gluten-free baking powder. A unique blend that ensures deliciously light and fluffy results.

Bulk Packs

Our range of gluten-free flours are also available in bulk packs, offering ease of use and cost-savings. These are the same high-quality flours as sold in our retail range. Available to order from wholesalers and delivered to your door.

For further information or to place your order, please contact us.

GFG Bulk Flours

Packaging may vary

Our Story

My gluten-free journey began in 2015 when my daughter became gluten intolerant. I quickly discovered how difficult it was to find suitable foods for her diet. After experimenting with many types of grain, I came up with the Gluten-free Guru range of  flours.